Friday, November 11, 2011

The Quest for Sub-15:00 Pilot Episode

Thanks for visiting our video blog and following our quest to break the 15:00 barrier. All you have to do is:
1) Watch the Sub 15:00 Pilot Episode Above
2) Propose a workout for us to complete in the comments section below (be sure to include pace, recovery time between reps, and location; i.e. roads/track/hills).
3) Check back each week to watch our video of your workout being completed and evaluated.


  1. First!

    WOW, as a post collegiate runner who has once run 15-something I admire you guys cause I'd consider it a miracle if I can go sub 17 now.

    How 'bout some ladder's
    1600, 800, 800, 400, 200, 200 x 3

    1st set: 5:30-35, 2:45, 2:40, 1:30, 45, 45
    2nd set: 5:10, 2:30, 2:30, 1:20, 38-40, 38
    3rd set: 4:45-50, 2:15-20, 2:15-20, 1:10, 35, 35

    7.5 miles of workout total.
    1:15-30 jogging rest b/w each for 1st set
    1:30-45 jogging rest b/w each for 2nd set
    2 jogging rest b/w each for 3rd set

    Have fun, I wouldn't be able to do it. I'm a slow runner now!

  2. i dont know why i said that was ladders, its not really, whatever

  3. Thanks Camp, this is perfect. Difficult and creative. Now how about some more everybody!

  4. 8 x 1k at slightly slower than 5k pace, with 200m jog recovery. Good luck, gents.

  5. this is a no brainer:


    16x100 in 16 seconds with 16 seconds rest in between

    easy mile

    16x100 in 15 seconds with 15 seconds rest in between

    easy mile

    ?? x 100 in 14 seconds with 14 seconds rest in between... call it a day if (or when) you fall off pace

    i'm even throwing in a video clip:

    good luck cracking 15 - do you have a race in mind? i'd love to witness it!

  6. 4 mile tempo... Just out of curiosity how many weeks of base will the both of you have run by the time you start these workouts?

  7. @Hopkins: I've been running consistent 6 days a week since mid August with 1.5hr long runs since early Sept. Thinking 16:00 5k shape right now.
    @Jason: You're more than welcome to join us for any of these workouts. I think we'll try for 14:59 at an open college meet in May/June w/ a backup at the SU track and friends as pacers.
    @G: Thanks for the workout!

  8. First, awesome video.

    Next, questions:

    1)Is it one build till May/June or are you going to try to taper down a bit in March to nail a tester 5k and then build again (ie. 2 peaks)?

    2)If you didn't run, how much free time do you have a day or a week outside of work/school/marriage/etc?

    3) What kind of mileage have you been at the past month? What is the goal mpw?

    4) Could you do a 3kTT to see where you are at to base future efforts off of?

    ~ Harris

  9. 5 x mile at 5:00-5:10 with two minutes rest. Two miles up and down. Start easy. No reason to do 15 intervals or whatever 7 months out from a goal race. Keep building base / VO2 type stuff.

  10. @Hopkins. I did mid-40's this past week, and am probably in around 17 minute 5k shape--maybe slightly faster.

    @Justin. 1) Probably one long build. We haven't really decided. I think our first go will be in June, as I'm running Boston in April. We'll be releasing the schedule soon. 2) We have ample free time, if not a lot of it. I'm on a 9-5 schedule for the most part. Steve's schedule is a little more variable based on rotations. 3) Goal MPW for me is average of 70 over the next 20+ weeks, peaking at 100. Steve plans on running less. 4) We "could" do a 3k. It would be painful, but it might not be a bad idea. There is an upcoming indoor meet at Cornell that might be a good place to try it. I would guess I'm somewhere in the neighborhood of 9:20--about 50 seconds off my PR.

  11. I am really liking all the high-school footage.

    Although I would like it even more if that one 3k steeple race was included...You know the one Steve.