Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Episode 9: Pete's 30 minute tempo


  1. First of all, I can't believe you missed indoor league champs to present research.

    Second, I would like to state on the record that I am a verifiable wuss when it comes to tempos. Like Kirk, I am a big fan of breaking them up, especially early on in the training process. As mid-D guys at Cornell, we'd run 8 minute tempo segments all the time.

    Third, in less than 8 hours, we'll be running 1000's at 70 pace. I was thinking today how we need to make 70's feel comfortable and 72's feel like a total breeze. It's time to get started on the pace work and, more pressingly, it's time for bed!

  2. I did the same workout today without even knowing that Pete recommended it to you guys! Weird!

    I have to come up with a good workout for you guys!


  3. Yeah, you do. This site is a workout sausagefest.

  4. We'd love to get a workout from you Liza!