Workout Video Episodes

Episode 53: 2 Un-run Workouts

Episode 52: ICAHN't Always Get What I Want

Episode 51: The Quiet Storm

Episode 50: Trailer

Episode 49: 2 Workouts

Episode 48: As If 15 Hills Weren't Bad Enough

Episode 47: Game of Thrones Nerds Are Our Biggest Followers

Episode 46: Wilbur Duck Mile

Episode 45: Swarthmore (This better not be our) Last Chance Meet

Episode 44: Last Workout?

Episode 43: Michael's Miles

Episode 42: Juan's Juorkout 

Episode 41: Why is Mike Melfi so Negative? 

Episode 40: Don't Ever Agree to Crew a 200 Mile Run

Episode 39: A First Attempt and Then Some

Episode 38: The Will McClurkin Memorial Workout

Episode 37: Feeling the Burn

Episode 36: Three Long Intervals

Episode 35: Repeat Two's

Episode 34: Mudders and Grunters

Episode 33: British-Irish-Australian 500 meter repeats

Episode 32: Irish Mile Bombs

Episode 31: Thornden Park Hills

Episode 30: Don't Fargo Your Running

Episode 29: Runnin' Against the Wind

Episode 28: Who let the dogs out?

Episode 27: The Horseshoe

Episode 26: Trowty-tree Quarters

Episode 25: Bringing Tempos Back

Episode 24:  Dread

Episode 23: The Schanzinator

Episode 22: The Couch Potato 5k

Episode 21: Groundhog Day

Episode 20:  No Probalo, Cantwell

Episode 19: Attack of the Falcon