(Note: If you're too lazy to read this just watch the videos at the bottom.)

Steve and Sam are two medical students who live in Syracuse, NY. They both ran track in college; Steve for Marist College and Sam for Cornell University.

After college, both Steve and Sam continued to run, but, like most post-collegiate runners, they never made it back to the shape they were once in.  Now almost seven years removed from graduation and facing ever-busier lifestyles, they are attempting to break fifteen minutes in the 5k.

What separates the mission of this blog from those of most feel-good comeback stories is the approach to the goal.  In order to break fifteen, Steve and Sam are soliciting workouts from YOU, the readers. 

You submit the workouts, and they run them.

Each week, one or two workouts are chosen and videos are posted featuring the person who submitted the workout and how the workout played out on the track.  Any workout is fair game, so get creative.

If you don't have any great training ideas, that's fine, too; you can still enjoy watching the journey unfold, as Steve and Sam go from out-of-shape has-beens to 14-something 5k guys.  It's sure to be a life-altering experience, though whether it's worth training through several months of Syracuse winter is yet to be determined.

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Note:  The last official attempt came in June.  Steve ended things with a 15:02 (second to last attempt), Sam with a 15:12 (first attempt).  The blog and the project at large are currently in hibernation mode, though we'll try try to post updates periodically.