Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Double Episode Coming This Week

During this morning's workout, my iPhone ran out of juice, so we had pretty limited footage.

In other bad news, the nice camcorder that Natalie and I bought last year has been on the fritz. (I will be accepting donations to get it repaired.) Steve's is still operational, but apologies in advance if the video quality isn't up to our normal standards as a result of having to rely on the iPhone more than usual.

Last week's mileage was an even 50 for me with no long run (we went Sunday/Saturday the week before) and a day off on Thursday. This is certainly on the low side, by I'm willing to forgive myself given these circumstances and the fact that we had a race. I think Steve ran a few miles more as a result of not taking Thursday off.

In closing, keep an eye out for Episode 9 later this week. We'll be featuring workouts from Steve's college coach and a 1:49 800 guy from Dubai that we've never met. What more can you ask for? Until then, happy trails (er...cold, windy roads).


  1. Hey guys just a random D2 college guy and I wanna say I love following you blog, it's very entertaining. Good luck with sub 15!

  2. Thanks, Max. We got your workout FYI and will most likely get to it eventually.

    In other news, I apparently lied about the double episode, as Steve posted Episode 9 tonight.