Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Splits From Yesterday's Workout

Steve's doing his OB-GYN rotation but promised to get the workout video up by Friday. I'm guessing we'll do a double episode this week, or rather a two-in-one.

The workout at OCC yesterday went well. Splits and rest were as follows:

4:48 mile, 400 jog,
2:17 800, 400 jog,
2:18 800, 400 jog,
65 400, 200 jog,
64 400, 200 jog,
64 400, 200 jog,
61 400

You'll note, based on your knowledge of my extreme speed, that we neglected instructions to go "all out" on the last 400. Truth be told, 61 felt fast but not nearly maximal effort, which is a good thing if not a bit surprising. We really haven't done any true speed work whatsoever.

On the mileage front, things are progressing well for Boston. Last week was 80; this week should be slightly higher. Tomorrow is a progression run and some economy work in the afternoon. I'll be racing on Sunday at the Chilly Chili 5k, looking for the win and a time in the neighborhood of 16-low.


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