Monday, March 26, 2012

Jersey Take One

Here's the first draft of the jersey. It's going to be a simple two-color design, but colors (including the color of the jersey) are up for debate. I'm posting this so that those with a more artistic eye might offer some suggestions on the color scheme. Notice that I left the text off the sub. I thought that would make for a more universal appeal in the event that the wearer's time goal was something other than 15 minutes.

We're planning on ordering mostly men's jerseys but will get a few women's cuts as well. We'll be shipping a few free ones out to our three contest winners, but if you're interested in buying one at cost, let us know. I'll post again before we finalize the order and when we have the final design.


  1. I like it. Keep it simple, although now with you starting to get some banners on the page (Clif Bar), you may want to consider throwing your URL on the back. No shame in that.

  2. That's the plan. Steve offered that suggestion, too. We also bought today in the bleary-eyed aftermath of celebrating this weekend's spoils, so that's what it will say on the back.