Sunday, April 22, 2012

If only we had named the blog sub16

I ran two 5k's this weekend.  Friday was on the track at the Cortland Classic and Sunday was a local road race to benefit the Dewitt sports program.  I wouldn't consider either a bonafide attempt at Sub15, which is a good thing considering my times weren't even close.  Here's the rundown:

Cortland Classic (15:29.05)
I made two mistakes in this race that led me to finish 15 seconds slower than what I'm probably capable of running.  My first mistake was going out in 4:50 and thinking I could run a negative split race.  My second mistake was spending the first 3k jostling for position with the entire Cortland distance team (I probably spent every other lap in lane 2).  The 3 Syracuse guys who went 1-2-3 (15:16-15:26) ran 14:40s just a few weeks earlier.  Needless to say, the conditions were not ideal.

Red Ram Run (15:57)
I jumped in this local road race 36hrs after the Cortland meet.  It was organized by Marist Alum, Mike Melfi (who's workout proposal will probably appear on the blog in the next few weeks).  The course had 2 significant hills in it and I ran mostly alone so I was pretty pleased with the sub16 finish... if only that were the name of this blog.  I enjoyed warming up with Todd Halbig (Episode 35) who finished 2nd in 17:30.  The race organizers did an outstanding job with the event and I hope to run it again in years to come.

The next few weeks
Sam and I will run a workout on Tuesday before we head to Washington D.C. with Ryan O'Dell (Episode 13).  We will be pacing him in a 200 mile ultramarathon.  It should be awful, I mean fun.  But Steve, won't this compromise your quest to break 15:00?  Probably. 
Speaking of that quest, our next attempt will be on May 14th at the Swarthmore Last Chance Meet.  We will be joined by Sean Hopkins (Episode 4).  If this attempt fails I plan running the first (and last) annual Sub15 5k.  Entry will be $0 and no awards will be given.  It will be at the Syracuse Track, Saturday May 26 at 9am.  A beer mile may follow.  Entry will be limited to the first 10 people to contact me.  Accommodations will be provided to all interested blog followers in the form of Sam's couch.  Please RSVP so we know how many shirts to order beers we will need for the beer mile. Thanks.

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