Monday, April 9, 2012

With Steve on vacation and me in race prep mode, we're taking the week off here at Sub15.  Since there likely won't be another post until Friday at the earliest, we're encouraging our loyal followers to take a week off as well.

I still feel like I've got to get my legs back under me since Friday's workout attempt.  Overall, I just feel heavy, like the turnover isn't there.  I took Saturday off and ran three miles yesterday.  Tomorrow, I'm planning on doing some 400's at pace and then cruising into Saturday with potentially another day off Thursday.

Race plan is pretty simple:  even 4:48's until I can't run them anymore.  On the other hand, if I feel good with 800 to go, I'll pick up the pace.  For those wondering about Boston, the plan there is to run pretty hard until I get tired then drop out, so as to not put the 5k season in jeopardy.

Game on!

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