Monday, May 14, 2012

Swarthmore Last Chance Meet

Tonight, Steve and I take another crack at the 15-minute mark with a night 5,000 at Swarthmore.  It's looking to be a great meet assuming the rain holds off.  Right now, I'm seeded 36th with a seed time of 14:50, and Steve is sitting in the 40 spot with a seed time of 14:57. There are likely going to be a few more entries, as I know of at least one club who doesn't have their guys listed yet.  That said, assuming only a few people don't show, we're likely to be in the second fastest heat together.

The good news:  This should be a lot different race than Bucknell for me.  There, I was out near the back of the pack and just tried to hang on.  I'm hoping tonight I can position myself more toward the front and make it more about racing than fishing for a specific time.  Of course, the first two miles still have to be pace-centered, but after that, I think competing helps to keep the head clear of negative thoughts (i.e. pain).

The bad news:  The 5,000 is scheduled to go off at 10:20.  This is really only bad news for our drive back to Syracuse and for any friends or family that are self-sacrificing enough to watch us run at 10:20 PM on a Monday.  Overall, I'll be super happy as long as the rain holds off for the race itself.

The other news:  There is also supposedly a really hot 1500 slated for this meet, so even if you don't give a shit about us placing somewhere in the mid-30's in the last event of the night, try to get down there. Also, Sam Luff and Sean Hopkins are set to run the 5,000 with us.  (I use the term "with us" loosely for Sam, but Hopkins will very likely be in Steve and my heat.)  Huzzah!

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