Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Until Further Notice

If you've been making daily visits to the site for the past couple of weeks, you probably know two things by now:  One, we've taken a break from the project, and two, you're a hopeless romantic who fails to get the hint sometimes.

Making videos is just too much of a pain in the butt to do it on a weekly or semi-weekly basis.  Plus, Steve started residency yesterday and I've found plenty of other things to keep me busy (things that I probably should have been doing for the past few months but didn't because I was off running workouts and filming them).

I've received a few questions from our viewership regarding the status of the project, and I think it's only fair that we give you some answers in return:

Q)  Are you guys dead?

A)  Not yet, though we're both really tired a lot of the time, so we're suspicious of a low-grade infection that might be giving us irreversible organ damage.

Q)  What happened at the Icahn race?

A)  It was really #$%^& hot, there were five guys in the race (and two girls, which is never a good sign), and we were probably both a little burned out.  (Get off our backs, jeez!)  You should know that after the Icahn race, I didn't cool down.  This is a year-end ritual for me that marks a sort of death to the season.  It's all very Buddhist.  You probably wouldn't get it.

Q)  Are you still running?

A)  Yes.  Though we've each adopted a "run when we feel like it" mentality for the past couple of weeks, we're both still running, even if it's not much.  This week is the first for me of building the mileage back up.  I'm hoping to have some good races in the fall.

Q)  Are you still racing?

A)  Yes.  I can't speak for Steve, but I believe he's going to race some cross country when he can.  As for me, the race schedule reflects the races that I'm planning on doing.  Unfortunately there isn't much opportunity for racing fast 5k's on the track at this point, so I'm pinning my chances on the road.

Q)  Do you think you'll ever break 15 minutes?

A)  I hope so, but I'm not sure.  I can acknowledge that it probably won't be very easy to break 15 in a road race after starting back up.  Natalie and I are expecting a baby in December, which has really derailed the whole indoor season.  Babies are so inconvenient sometimes.

Q)  What's going on with the blog?

A)  Again, not sure.  Steve and I put a lot of work into getting it started, and it's finally at a point where we've got a following we can be proud of.  We'd like to see the blog continued in some capacity.  I'll probably keep it going for the time being on a less voluminous basis.  If you're interested in some pie in the sky running goal and would be interested in contributing, hit me up (sammack (at) gmail (dot) com), and we can chat about being a guest correspondent.  This job does not pay well, mind you.

That's it for now.  Thanks for checking in.

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