Saturday, March 24, 2012

Round One Complete

We've got our Sweet Sixteen, folks. There were some great matchups last night, including "Pancakes" vs. "Thornden Park Hills". "Pancakes," which taught us that "sometimes it's OK to piss blood after a workout," just won by a drop of maple syrup. On the upside, Steph has taken up a career in modeling, so I think she's handling the loss well.

In the Battle of the Chrises, Chris Camp came out on top, just barely, over our faithful UAE follower Chris Williams. We've got another (harder) pace simulation workout from Chris Williams in the cache, though, so you likely haven't seen the last of him.

With races tonight (Sam) and tomorrow morning (Steve), how likely is it that one of us will be doing any of the above workouts in purple? Probably not going to happen. I guess I didn't think that part through. I also didn't think about the fact that I'll be racing during the SU game, which is horrible, horrible, horrible decision-making/luck on my part. I guess there's a 0.164% chance that I break 15 minutes tonight with the field as fast as it is. In the event that that happens, I'll count it as downhill (hey why not, it's harder, right?). There is also the possibility the wives and dogs step up on Sunday, but I doubt it happens with our dog quarantined in Syracuse and the wives racing in the morning. For those of you who were drawn to the seduction of the Beer Mile PR when filling out your brackets, you should have known that The Annual Syracuse Beer Mile happens in July, not March. Even so, I don't think I'm in any kind of drinking shape to shave time off of my 6:11 right now.

That said, if someone wants to step up and do one of these feats for the good of...(I don't know, fill in something inspirational like curing cancer)... if you send us a video of you completing one of the four running accomplishments above, we'll send you a singlet as well. Preferably this should happen before Sunday night, as that's when I'll be posting the next update.

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