Friday, March 23, 2012

Half Way Through Round One...

Half of the first round is complete. We now know a few things about who's coming legit to the tournament and who's a straight up pretender.

SU clearly brought it last night, with an all-around great game--easily their best effort of the "real" tournament. Wisconsin shot 120% from 3 and still couldn't stop CJ Fair. Clearly, I'm in a heightened state of psychosis right now.

Sam Hartpence also brought his A-game last night. Episode 27 "The Horseshoe" featuring Maggie Smith currently leads all Sub-15 episodes in page views and will be tough to stop going forward.

Also advancing was Jason Mintz, who authored the second workout of this project entitled "38 Strides". We quickly found out that it was impossible, but it seemed to draw some good viewership way back when. He narrowly edged Rick Ambrosio, despite the fact that "Rick's Ukulele Workout" is apparently a cult-classic on the Marist cross country team. It's too early to talk about a Hartpence-Mintz showdown in the final since there's a lot of psychosis left, but let's just say I wouldn't be disappointed if it happened.

Louisville and Florida won, blah, blah, blah. Rednecks and retirees were pretty pumped last night. They probably got it on with each other. Gross.

We've got a lot of great match-ups on the docket tonight, so stay tuned!

BTW, big ups to Mike Bax (who goes head to head with Steph Pritchard later on) for emailing me his bracket five minutes before I thought of having this contest. He'll be receiving a dope Sub-15 racing singlet courtesy of my sad, grad student paycheck. Pretty impressive stuff. In other news, we won't be doing a late entry contest, because I'm too lazy and I don't love you. ANY OF YOU. Except Otto.

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