Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bucknell Awaits

In a few hours, Natalie and I will be loading the cat's bowl up with a week's worth of kibble and heading down to Bucknell for tonight's 5k.  I seeded myself at 14:45 hoping to solidify a spot in heat number three where the top 3-5 guys are usually under 15.  That would have been a lot different race than the one I'll likely experience, as I'm in the fast heat, which doesn't go off until 9:05 pm.  Last year, pretty much every guy in it broke 15 minutes.

The current plan is to take a seat on the back of the train and try to make the first half of the race as relaxed as possible.  At the half way point, people (including myself) will start to tire, so I'll be shifting my mindset and will try to pick off as many guys as possible for the next mile and a half.  Should be fun!  And painful!

Thanks to everyone for all the support to this point.  Whether or not Sub15 happens today doesn't really matter to me.  There are plenty of opportunities in the coming months to hit the time.  That said, it would definitely be nice to get it over with so I can move on to other life goals (e.g. painting the upstairs).

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get real-time updates of the race.  Natalie will be tweeting splits for us at each mile.


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