Sunday, April 15, 2012

After a week in Honduras, Belize, and Mexico with Episode 18 creator Matt Kalinski (see photo below) I am back in the real world and ready to take my first crack at the 15 minute barrier. I used this week's vacation as a forced taper, running only 6 miles a day. 6 miles a day was actually harder then it sounds given the ship's ridiculously narrow and crowded 400m track. I did most of my running on the treadmill in a gym that was 100 degrees. The temperature helped me lose copious water weight to compensate for the 4 course meals I had each night for dinner. This week's workouts: 3xmile @ 5:00 (as fast as the treadmill would go), and a 4mile tempo @ 5:30 pace. They felt pretty comfortable (aside from the fact that I have a ridiculous sunburn on my feet which makes them feel like they are on fire). Matt also gave me an incredible book about Louie Zamperini, a guy who nearly ran a 4:00 mile in 1940 before World War II interrupted his training. Instead he was stranded in the Pacific when his B24 bomber crashed. He survived 46 days in a raft, shark attacks, and a Japanese POW camp. I'll do my best to channel that kind of inner strength this weekend when I race at Princeton. By the way, Zamperini ran Sub-15:00 at the 1936 Olympics. The book is called Unbroken. Check it out.

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