Monday, April 16, 2012

A Horrid 40 Hours

Sam here.  Natalie, Charley, and I are safely back in Syracuse after a three-day drive around the mid-Atlantic region.  As most of you know, I took my first crack at 15 minutes on Saturday and fell slightly short with a time of 15:13.  From there, we headed off to Boston so that I could run the first 15 miles with Ross (I was going to go 18-19 but dropped out early due to the heat and the fact that my legs felt like crap).  Ross finished admirably in 3:11 after being under three hour pace for the first half.  Better than a lot of folks.

I'll get a video up at some point tomorrow (night?) hopefully.  For now, I'm too tired.


  1. Does it hurt to know that the marathon winners at Boston (and Paris, Rotterdam, etc) run 8+ 15-minute 5Ks in a row?

  2. I've thought about stuff like that a lot. There are at least eight levels of awesomeness beyond our paltry goals.