Monday, September 3, 2012

An Update From Afar


  1. Running with one child in a stroller and one on a bike while videotaping looks harder than any workout we ever ran! Keep up the good work Sam.

  2. This was quite a while ago. Since I've been making some steady progress, and have been pleased so far. Last week was my first full week of running (ran all 7 days), and have also gotten through a couple of "workouts" 5 miles @ 6:15 pace, and I have done one horse shoe.

    I'll be dropping into a local run run in the next few weeks to see where I am (hopefully I'll be low or sub 18).

    As for running with kids, Alden has decided he enjoys riding the bike and is getting faster as I am, and Chase usually is asleep with in minutes of leaving. As for Alden and Chase going around on my runs, that's okay for some days a week, but just doesn't cut it when you are trying to improve, so I've been out of the door by 5 am while the wife and kids are soundly asleep.

    As it turns out, you'll always have to make running a priority. Whether the hurdle happens to be med school or family, running is never convenient, but it becomes more than something you do, and starts to become something you are. After two surgeries for the possibility of running again, I can certainly make the determination that I AM a runner, and not just that running is something that I do. If I continue to have a bit of luck and be patient, I may even be the runner I once was.